Wednesday, December 29, 2004

weather news

The sky is gray and overcast this morning. Just the way I like it. Those who know me well might say I'm fond of calling it "J. Crew weather". You know, the kind of backdrop in all the winter J. Crew catalogs with sweatered models looking way too happy to be outside in subzero temperatures. I like warm, clear, sunny days, too, but for some reason, I have a particular affinity for overcast days. Maybe because I have ultra-sensitive eyes (while everyone else is staring into the sunrise, I'm donning sunglasses and trying to avoid getting a squint-wrinkle). Maybe because the clouds protectively blanket me in to my home, one of my favorite places to be. Maybe because cold, overcast days seem to bring everyone inside, into community with each other. Maybe it's just the way God made me!

While we're on the topic of weather...a tsunami that's killed over 60,000 people?!? What in the world??? I'm having a strong motherly urge to pack up for Asia and go care for the injured and orphaned children. Funny how having a child can make you see the world from a completely new perspective.


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