Saturday, December 18, 2004

please pray

We have some friends in NYC who are in the midst of a church plant in Brooklyn. She is twenty weeks pregnant with their second child. This week they received news that their baby has a condition called Congential Diaphragmatic Hernia. The condition is very serious and potentially life-threatening. They have named their son Ira and are asking for prayers. Please pray for baby Ira, his sister, his parents, and the doctors who will be caring for him. Thanks.

Our friends have asked that we "pray first for a miracle. We want to show up at one of our doctor appointments and them say, 'I'm not sure what happened but all the organs are in the right place now and the lungs look to be developing.' We pray that Ira makes it through the pregnancy and then that he makes it through the surgery. We pray that we will hold on tight to our faith as it will be easy to lose it in a time like this. We pray for courage over the next few months of waiting along with patience. We pray for our role as parents of Sophia and that we will not overlook her during this time. We pray for our relationship and the communication in which we will need to partake now and in the future."


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