Monday, November 15, 2004

having a baby changes everything...

...including how you view Johnson & Johnson commercials! I just finished watching the "Having a Baby Changes Everything" ads on the J&J website, and the tears were flowing free. I especially identify with the one ad that shows a baby wearing different hats...the voiceover talks about how "you used to spend hours trying to look glamorous...who knew that one day you'd spend hours trying to look silly?" It could not be more true. I feel guilty sometimes because I don't get around to "fixing myself up" many days. Of course, I'm still in the dawn of Rowan's childhood. From what everyone tells me, I'll one day have time to wash my hair and put on mascara again. But until then, I'll deal with not looking that glamorous (not that I was ever much of a glam girl to begin with!). And I'll just enjoy spending hours trying to look silly. Having a baby really does change everything.


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