Friday, November 12, 2004

the upcoming holidays

Well, it's my first holiday season with a baby in tow. Wonder how this is all going to pan out. Fortunately, he's not expecting much. At least I don't THINK he is, being that he's never experienced Christmas before. We decided to forego any traveling this season since we've had such a heckuva year thus far. So now, everyone is coming here! Paw, Gram, Grammy Cheryl, Uncle Darren and Aunt Julia all have plans to visit. Suddenly, this morning, I felt the need to kick into high-holiday-gear, and I started feeling a little stressed. But I can't afford to feel stressed out anymore now that I have a little one who I'd rather not convey stressed-out-emotion to. He'll come to feeling stressed out on his own soon enough. He doesn't need a frazzled mommy running around. (Exactly who am I writing this to? This online journal, I mean. It's weird. I don't really have the freedom to write about certain things or people because anyone could read it. But there's not necessarily anyone reading it anyway! So why am I doing this???)


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