Thursday, November 25, 2004

if I only had a brain

Well, I did it. I ruined Thanksgiving. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. Although I was thinking differently when I saw the look on Brandon's face around 11 a.m. on Thursday morning. Apparently, amidst all the busyness in the kitchen, I somehow managed to turn off the oven...the oven that should have been roasting the bird. Oops. But what would the holidays be without some kind of mishap? So we ended up having lunch at 3 p.m. instead of noon. Here's the thing...Brandon should know by now that I am suffering from a severe case of MBS...Mushy Brain Syndrome. I tell some of my friends that after I gave birth to Rowan, my brain slid out right behind him. The days of doing simple mathmatics in my head are over. The days of never using spellcheck are over. I even forgot to buckle my seatbelt when riding around in the front seat the other day (something which I never would have done in the pre-baby days). I guess there IS somewhat of an advantage to my newfound absentmindedness. Nowadays, when I make an incredibly lame joke or idiotic comment, I can blame it on being a new mom, and everyone seems to readily accept that explanation. Before I had Rowan, the moronic statements were all Jana. But now I just chalk it up to motherhood. And for how long can I use that excuse?!?


Blogger mdlg said...


Y'all ate at 3 o'clock. That's about the same time we ate, but that's normal. I bet it was actually Brandon who turned off the oven - don't let him blame it on you. I think I have Mushy Brain Syndrome too...wait, but I didn't have a baby and definitely can't blame it on motherhood. I'm sure everything was simply delicious. Love the blog.


4:19 PM  
Blogger J-Wild said...

Jana no big deal, atleast you didn't put the life of your family in jepordy. I was simmering some spagatti sauce for the youth group at our house several weeks ago and I almost burned down our apartment building. The kids were over on a Thursday night and then we had another Bible study after forward to Sunday night. I am straightening up the kitchen when I look over and see the the simmer burner was still on! We hadn't used the stove all weekend so it had been on since that Thursday eveing, four complete days without us noticing. It's not just mom's that loose their minds, dads can too! All though I feel like your more articulate now than you were before :)

PS: Your posts are great keep them coming

9:40 PM  

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