Friday, December 03, 2004


If it's not one kid lurching me out of sleep at the ridiculous hour of 4 a.m., it's the other. Usually it's Rowan. But this morning it was Brandon. When Brandon has a nightmare, he lets out this eerie, feeble yell, and that's exactly what woke me in the wee hours. Apparently, he was dreaming that a Grim-Reaperish-like being was stalking him and my brother. Creepy. But at least his dreams kind of make sense. Mine usually resemble an over-the-top CSI episode with all the scenes in absolutely no kind of chronological order. I've given up even trying to explain my dreams anymore. Seriously. It's maddening. I think the antidepressant I'm taking doesn't exactly help either. I've read a few places online that some folks have major wacky dreams when on various meds. Oh well. I'll take freaky dreams anyday over postpartum depression.


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Dreams...hmmm...I remember I was in Dr. Jack Welch's class at ACU one time and he asked the class if we thought dreams were important and/or meaningful. I strongly defended my position that I thought they were useless rubbish. Boy, have my views changed on that one! I wouldn't go so far as to say that I understand dreams, but I think they're interesting. I rarely remember my own - some subconscious repression I'm sure!

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