Monday, December 06, 2004

some of my favorite people

The more time I spend with our life group, the harder it is to think about leaving Nashville. I guess if all the people in our group either moved away themselves or started trafficking drugs or something, maybe THEN we could move somewhere else. But only then. I just love them so much! I LOVE them!!! They are some of the most thoughtful people around, especially the ladies. Every time we gather together as a Christian family, I feel extremely blessed. I hope I don't ever start taking them for granted.
I'm also really in love with my parents and Brandon's mom and my brother and new sister-in-love and my cousin Jake and our extended families. How many people can say that? I wish everyone in the world had the stability and constancy of loving parents and grandparents and siblings. There would probably be a lot less griping and feuding.
And then there are our friends who are spread across the nation, with a strong concentration in Texas. Geography keeps us from spending much time together, but fortunately email and memories keep our lives intertwined.
And finally, a shout out goes to Joe and Jason who actually regularly read and leave messages on my blog. Thanks guys. I appreciate the encouragement. Must be nice having all that free time on your hands...


Blogger J-Wild said...

"All that free time.." what's that supposed to mean?! Hey we're with the people, and the people are out there in "blogger land." Besides your posts are very good. Their honest and have an on edge raw quality of someone who just types out what they think and posts without re-reading and editing out anything. That makes it interesting. By the way, I think you have to have a fundamental shift in your "Family vs. Friends" thinking. Being somone who only has the choice to fly to see family I think that if you can drive then you are close to family. It's a big difference that you, Brandon, and Rowan can drive to Ft. Worth for say $80 in gas where as we have to pay $750 to fly to Seattle for Christmas (and that's without a seat for Levi)!

I know you feel torn, but in this age of reachability via e-mail, cell phone, websites, and the car you ARE close to the family. If you can make that state of mind shift then perhaps that will ease some of the conflicting feelings you have.

Another idea is to realize that you are only in your early 30's. There is so much more life ahead of you that who knows where you will end up. What if you live in Nashville 5 years, but Ft. Worth 15 years. That 5 years is just a blip on the screen which Rowan won't even remember.

Besides you guys need to move to NYC anyway if you are going to go anywhere! :)

9:59 PM  
Blogger jch said...

What do you mean "regularly comment"? I don't regularly comm...d'oh, there I go again. I'm addicted. I can't stop. Someone, please, anyone, INTERVENE!

10:58 AM  
Blogger mdlg said...

I want to be a regular! Ditto what Jason said - your blogs are genuine and insightful. The other stuff was just Jason rambling. HeHe. Later.

4:25 PM  
Blogger jake said...

Wow, I have to admit this is my first time to check out your is neat and it is enjoyable to read your thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

I have to say I'm honored to make your favorite people list. Such recognition may just encourage me to continue revisiting this site. Seriously, it means a lot, truly is an honor, and I look forward to the great insights you will continue to add to your blog in the future.

5:16 PM  

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