Tuesday, November 29, 2005

what is it...

...about a tantrum-throwing, blood-curdling-screaming toddler that makes one want to laugh and cry at the same time?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

if you love chocolate...

...you HAVE to try Starbucks' Chantico Drinking Chocolate. Tried it for the first time today. Like a melted chocolate bar in a cup. Or a really thick, rich cup of cocoa. So good I almost screamed. It was THAT good. Be sure you're in the mood for chocolate when you buy one!

What am I thankful for this year? Besides my husband (have I mentioned how awesome he is?), my son, my parents, my relatives-by-blood, my relatives-in-Christ, my bed, the opportunity to live in America, the turning of leaves in autumn, making new friends via blogging ;) , music (specifically iTunes!), the fact that Ira Hays is now home with his family, and a man named Jesus? What else am I thankful for this year? Joy in my role as a mother. Thank you Lord for JOY and for pulling me out of the funk. THANK YOU LORD!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

you can't overlove your underwear

This ad made Brandon and me laugh out loud! Click on the video in the top right-hand corner.

baby blessing

If you haven't already, visit Brooklyn & Beyond to watch the video of Baby Ira going home with his family after six months in the NICU. You might want to prepare with a few Kleenex in hand.

Friday, November 11, 2005

honoring american veterans

From this website, a little info about Veteran's Day: "November 11 is the anniversary of the Armistice which was signed in the Forest of Compiegne by the Allies and the Germans in 1918, ending World War I, after four years of conflict....The Germans signed the Armistice, and an order was issued for all firing to cease; so the hostilities of the First World War ended. This day began with the laying down of arms, blowing of whistles, impromptu parades, closing of places of business. All over the globe there were many demonstrations; no doubt the world has never before witnessed such rejoicing."

My paternal granddad's thoughts on that day: "We were living in Oklahoma when the Armistice was signed ending World War I....I remember guns being fired around the countryside celebrating the end of the war. It might be that I just remember people talking about it..."

Thank you, Papa and Grandpa and Dad and countless others, for your willingness to serve our country.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

i have a question

Why are some people so afraid of questions? My opinion is that people who are afraid of questions, of discussing certain topics, of debate, are simply that…afraid. Afraid of what, I'm not sure. Maybe that they're wrong? Or maybe some people just can’t deal with the fact that what they shout about isn’t the law.

In regards to the blog world, it’s real easy to squeak your wheel hiding behind a computer screen. Sometimes this is a good thing: it helps people be honest and forthcoming about their deep-down thoughts. Sometimes this ain’t such a good thing. Sometimes people squeak their wheels obnoxiously and arrogantly. I came across one such blogging personality about six months ago and commented on some of her ideas. For the past few months, I have asked her questions, trying to understand her viewpoint. Turns out she doesn’t like my questions. So to keep her blog free from “argument” (her word, not mine), I emailed her privately with my questions. Some of the email exchanges were cordial, but the majority have been peppered with comments from her like "I am right. And that's just the way it is, Jana" and "I don't need some young woman with a lot of issues yapping at my heels like a dog". She also says "Your poor hubbie - having to listen to your rants about me and anyone else who threatens you." (Honestly, I feel a little sorry for Brandon, too, having to listen to me rant all day long! ha ha!)

This blogger now has a feature on her website where she is able to view comments before they are posted, thus giving her the ability to censor statements she deems as “malicious” (again, her word). Well...it’s her blog so that’s her prerogative. She has the right to censor whoever and whatever she wants. I just wonder if she knows the difference between a genuine question and a malicious statement.

Anyway, I recently questioned one of her articles, and she refused to post my comment. For whatever reason, she has prejudged me and tagged my questions as antagonistic. I wish she understood that it is just in my nature to ask questions! I have always wanted to know WHY something works a certain way or WHY someone has a certain opinion. My dad knows about this attribute of mine: when he was helping me with math homework throughout my childhood, I would always ask him WHY a certain equation worked out the way it did. I remember him good-naturedly pleading with me to stop asking WHY so much!

But some people, like this blogger, just can’t deal with questions and challenges and differences of opinion. So again I ask, WHY (there I go again!) can’t people deal with questions? What causes this blogger, along with other folks like her, to get their knickers in a knot when someone questions their beliefs?

P. S. Brandon’s wise, objective viewpoint is that I should stop reading her blog altogether. I think I will. I’d rather read the blogs of folks who can handle the tough questions...like you guys. ;)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

thought for the day

Hummus is just a fancy word for bean dip.

Monday, November 07, 2005

can't sleep...so I'm blogging

The frustrating thing about missing out on a night's sleep when you're a parent is that you don't have the option of sleeping in. The bambino is waking up at 6:30 a.m. whether or not you've caught your forty winks. I wish I could say something profound here but there's nothing to add...it's just a fact. You have babies; you don't sleep in. Just in case anyone was wondering.

So, let's see, what to write about, what to write about...I know...let's discuss sickly people who feel the need to spread their germs around to the general public and how infuriated it makes me. Let's talk about how annoying it is to go into church and hug a friend who simultaneously shares the information that she's been throwing up since midnight. Or let's talk about the co-worker who sounds like he's going to violently project his lungs onto his desk but has "too much work to do" to take a sick day. Or let's talk about the influenza-infiltrated pal who shows up at your Christmas party, only to drag about in a feverish stupor.

People. Puh-LEASE. If, in the last 24 hours, your digestive track has been emptying itself from either end, STAY HOME. If, in the last 24 hours, your tonsils have swollen to the size of your head, STAY HOME. If, in the last 24 hours, you have run fever, coughed up a luge, or sported any kind of oozing rash, STAY HOME. Why is it so hard for people to STAY HOME???

Seriously. Why do people feel the need to come to work or church or any other social function when they're under-the-weather? Why?!? Someone enlighten me!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

feeling woeful

I'm bummed. Our neighbors, and Rowan's first real playmate, are moving to the faraway land of Minnesota tomorrow.

I'm tired of friends and family moving here and there and everywhere. Let's all move to the same town and be done with the relocating.