Saturday, March 05, 2005

my first ever karaoke experience

In honor of my karaoke initiation, I'd like to present a few awards. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent. (Though if you're in my life group, you know exactly who I'm talking about!) One of our resident pediatricians wins the Most Adventuresome Award...for being the only one to sing and dance atop a table. The two nannies in our group tied to win the Too-Talented-to-Sing-Karaoke Award...for actually sounding good when they belted out their tunes. The physical therapist wins the Fly-Under-the-Radar Award...for somehow getting out of ever actually singing into the mic. The research assistant wins the Most Courageous Award...for drinking two beers on that new liver of hers. The music manager wins the Smooth Moves Award...for having the coolest dance tricks. And I win...well, I had a great time and I am blessed in I just plain win.


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