Sunday, January 16, 2005

sometimes it's just too simple

I'm feeling a little anxious this morning. Not sure why. Maybe because I ate four pieces of chocolate cake yesterday and the sugar is finally getting to me. Maybe because we're going to church and socializing with large numbers of people this morning. Like I said, not sure exactly why my palms are sweating, but they are for some reason. Brandon suggested that I sit down and do something relaxing. I responded to him with "I feel guilty about that because I feel like I'm always trying to do 'something relaxing' for myself!" He replied, "Jana, it's okay to be at peace."

Well, duh. Isn't that exactly what the Lord wants for us? To be at peace?


Blogger Kate said...

I've definitely had moments like that. So many times I've found myself just sitting rigidly on the couch trying to relax while my husband takes care of the baby for a few minutes. Why can't I just sink into the couch anymore? Why do I feel like the second I have a free minute I need to be doing something productive? I like what Brandon said - I'll try to remember that one this week =)

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