Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Did anybody watch it last night? If so, then you understand me when I say "24" is STRESSING ME OUT. I usually watch and forget about it by Tuesday morning. But these last two weeks...first Edgar, then Lynn and the security guard, then Tony. There's a reason I don't work at CTU. Dangerous levels of blood pressure. Oh, and my husband does things like leave his keys in the door overnight.

If you're a "24" fan -- and either you are or your aren't -- you might get a laugh out of these Jack Bauer facts.


Anonymous Julia said...

Jana, this particular blog has pulled me out of the "reader only" category of your blog. D and I were watching 24 from our hotel room last night (after D literally ran down the hall to make sure he didn't miss the beginning). We were really into it... but with 15min left, there was a monsoon outside and the TV lost the signal! Luckily it came back on just in time for us to see Tony go down. That was a bummer.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Jana said...

J - I'm feeling miserable due to a horrendous sinus infection but thanks for cheering me up...picturing your husband bounding down the hotel hallway made me laugh!

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry you're sick--I have a bad cold so I can relate--though sinus infections are truly horrific!!!
I must say that I have to compliment you on your great taste in loving 24. (me too) though I get teased mercilessly by my friends, I still love it.
(I think we all have become addicted to the dink-DINK-dink-DINK sound effect of the clock ticking!)
love, shannon

ps happy belated birthday

3:49 PM  

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