Sunday, June 19, 2005

day of the father

My dad is cool because he...

- has allowed God to soften his heart over sixty years of living
- walks every morning
- reads his Bible every morning
- never loses his cool
- despises violence
- explained to me from an early age that "life isn't fair"
- worked to provide a home for our family
- apologized to me after the only time he ever physically threatened me. He grabbed my arms and shook me hard. I was 6 or 7 years old, and he scared me. That night he came home from work and apologized. He never did it again.
- made tasty lunches for me to take to school every day
- listened and listened and listened some more
- always came to my side in the middle of the night when I called out to him (that includes the many times my legs fell asleep, the times I had nightmares, the time I was in tears over chickenpox itchiness, and the time the field mouse was trying to bore a hole into my room from the attic)
- drove me to school in the mornings for three years of high school (anything to avoid the big yellow limo!)
- took my cousin into his home and fathered him through high school
- wrote me insightful, thoughtful letters while I was away at college
- filled my car up with gas when I came home to visit
- gave Brandon his blessing when Brandon asked for my hand in marriage
- walked me down the aisle to marry Brandon
- despite having absolutely no desire to dance EVER -- as well as no sense of rhythm -- he danced with my mom at my brother's wedding last summer!!! Go Dad!!!
- along with my mom, took care of me when I was in the midst of postpartum depression
- is, as it reads in Proverbs 31, "respected at the city gate"
- is a precious sight to behold when interacting with his grandson
- has stayed faithful to my mom for 35+ years
- is not afraid to cry
- is wise, honest and even-keeled
- prays for me

I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day.


Anonymous DAD said...

Thanks. I love you, too.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Lexie said...

You made my heart leak out of my eyes. Thanks to both of you for sharing your relationship. :)

8:17 PM  

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