Friday, April 01, 2005

grammy cheryl heading back to TX

Grammy Cheryl is on her way back to Texas, and I'm feeling a little sad. Similar to the way I felt when I was by myself with Rowan for the first time last year. Brandon went to work, my parents headed back home, and I felt very alone. I'm feeling that way now for some reason. Probably because we've had grandparents around for the past two weeks, thus our house has been busy and active. Now they're all gone. And I'm bummed. But it's also nice for it to be just me and the boys again, too.

My parents went with me to Rowan's checkup on Monday. Dr. M asked where they were from (the great and faraway land of Texas), and he went on to say that he felt like our society, especially large corporations that send their employees hither and yon, has done a great disservice to families. He said he thought it was extremely important for grandparents and extended families to live close to each other. Thank you, Dr. M, for giving the grandparents more ammunition!!! ;)

A few other highlights from this week:
- Rowan has an urticaria pigmentosa at his waistline, or as Dr. M explained in laymen's terms, a hive that he was born with and will have for the rest of his life probably.
- For those of you who don't know me that well, I'm a wannabe doctor. Just never been willing to commit a decade of my life to school/residency. So it was a treat to attend my pediatrician-friend's speech given to a roomful of doctors on Thursday morning. I just pretended like I was a doctor from out-of-town who had traveled in for the occasion. Plus my pal talked about the vaccines that are being developed for the rotavirus, and Rowan is part of the study! (That's right...a vaccine for a stomach bug...can I hear an "AMEN!" on that?)
- We watched an all-new episode of "Lost" with our friends E&L on Wed night. After a health scare regarding their in-utero baby, they received good news last week...everything's fine. Praise God. I really like E&L. They're funny. They're sassy. And they're not afraid to talk about poop.
- Rowan indulged in his first piece of birthday cake with his Paw, Gram and Grammy all present!


Blogger MDM said...

I do hope you and your family extensions can all be together someday. How fun for Rowan to eat bday cake. I remember that was my first daughter's first sugary was probably my second daughter's 110th.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Little Light said...

I liked what the doctor had to say - there are often no regional ties or no home to keep in the family or return to. Americans have always been relatively nomadic though - my mother's family has been moving for four generations, at least. I'm just happy that my parents and I are all on the east coast and I hope that my kids are closer to my parents than I was to theirs.

1:58 PM  

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