Tuesday, March 22, 2005

paw & gram are on the way

My parents are traveling to Nashville this morning to celebrate Rowan's first birthday. I am so excited! Sometimes I think about the parents God assigned me to, and I think "it's not fair." It's not fair that I snagged such a great mom and dad, and so many people out there can't say the same. But I am oh-so-thankful. Thank you Lord, for parents who have stayed true to each other for 35+ years, and who have made You a priority in their family. They are by no means perfect. Our family has not been immune to disagreements and hurt feelings. The difference is, we've stuck together. We've mended our fences when they needed mending. I pray I never take that -- or them -- for granted.


Blogger MDM said...

How fun for all of you to celebrate Rowan's big day together. I too have wonderful christian parents that are almost too good to be true. Not perfect, but close enough for me!

4:52 PM  

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