Wednesday, January 19, 2005

days of mourning

Monday was a long, hard, emotional day. Aside from hearing about a horrible accident that killed one child and injured seven others of a church where Brandon and I used to attend, I happened to catch a glimpse of news video of 101st Airborne soldiers who were being sent to Iraq again. The screen offered up clip after clip of grown-up men weeping into the necks of their children. Then, on Oprah, survivors of the December 26 tsunami talked about watching loved ones swept to their deaths by a raging sea.

And just now, I read the blog of a friend who is waiting, waiting, waiting for the birth of a seriously ill child. It all makes me very sad. The death...the illness...the absurd and unfair hands that life can plop on the table. I used to ask God "Why?" a lot. Not so much anymore. I have a new question these days..."How on earth do people go it alone?"


Blogger Kate said...

I have a tendency to not ask "why?" - I think because I know I wouldn't understand even if God told me why. I too wonder how people do it alone. This kind of mourning that you talk about is the kind that makes people either turn to God or away from Him. Last year I saw a documentary about a mountain climber who survived from falling into a crevasse. I remember waiting for him to say that he prayed or something. Then at that moment he said that he felt utterly alone. He didn't think about his loved ones - or God. I couldn't believe that something like that wouldn't bring someone to even consider believing in a higher being. After talking about the movie with friends, I realized this man continues to feel as alone now as he did trapped in that deep crevasse. I just hope that all those you mention in your blog don't feel alone like this man does.

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