Tuesday, January 17, 2006

dishin' the dirt

A picture is worth a thousand words. But I don’t know how to post pictures so you’re going to have to trust my words and use your imagination.

I am downstairs assembling lasagna for dinner. Rowan wants to play in his room, which is upstairs, and I figure it’d be nice to be able to make dinner without him underfoot. I can hear his every move clearly, and he knows not to attempt coming downstairs (if he wants to go downstairs, he’ll stand at the top of the stairwell and yell). So I’m in the kitchen, he’s upstairs playing, it’s all good. I am in the middle of trying to corral some very rubbery, contentious lasagna noodles when I hear an exceptionally loud thud. I yell out, “Rowan?” As I sprint up the steps, I yell his name again. He’s not responding. I’m terrified that he’s just jumped off a piece of furniture and broken his neck. I hurry into our room and – whoa! – Oprah’s favorite designer Nate Berkus has surprised me with a room makeover! He’s fabulously morphed our cozy bedroom into a working greenhouse! There is dirt ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. Oh but wait, who’s that little man hiding in the corner? That’s not Nate! No, that’s Rowan wiping his guilty hands on our white comforter.

Apparently, the loud thud I heard was Rowan pulling over the lone potted plant in our bedroom and distributing its contents onto every exposed surface. The soil was strewn all over the carpet, bed, loveseat, bedstand, and photo albums. Even found some dirt inside a few gift bags. Imagine picking up a sack of mulch, standing in the middle of your room, and slinging the mulch around in circles. That’s pretty much what our room looked like last night. And did I mention that our vacuum is presently out of commission?

I suppose this is why the experts tell us not to leave toddlers unattended.


Blogger Chel said...

Ah, but if we didn't ever leave them unattended, we'd never have stories like that one to tell. And you'll tell that story forever. :)

Eliza has colored on every flat surface in our home with both crayons and lipstick. I guess we all have our particular messes.

5:53 PM  
Blogger MDM said...

VERY fun read!!

8:43 PM  
Blogger J-Wild said...


Call me and I will walk you through the picture posting process. Besides your blog community needs to know what a great photographer you are.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

You know, Kinsey never did anything like this.

Is this what I have to expect with a boy? Me, I only burned selected things. Lint from the dryer, trash, my mom's macrame frog (that's another story for another day)...

9:20 AM  
Blogger Tony Arnold said...

Pictures could not have been as good as your story. My imagination came up with an incredible picture that makes the boy in me laugh and the parent in me cry (and seethe).

We, like Phil, are lucky. Maria never gets into things or draws on anything but what she is suppose too, etc. I have this great fear that all this is building up to be unleashed in the teen years. Praying now...


9:38 AM  
Blogger Little Light said...

Haha, that made me think about that cheeseits commercial.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Jana said...

little light - enlighten me...what cheeseits commercial?

11:02 AM  
Blogger Malia said...

I know the one she's talking about. Guy walks into another guy's glass enclosed office and sits down on a chair that has a box of cheese crackers (Nips?) on it. The next frame is a view from outside of the office, the box of uber cheesy goodness has exploded and coated the entire office, glass, occupants and all in a cheesy orange "snow". Very funny...one of those, you have to see it things.

Oh and this post is reason number one why I have NOTHING white in the way of furniture, bedding, tablecloths, towels, etc in my home. It's just not worth it :-) And reason number 2 why I don't have any plants (number one being that I kill them)

11:49 AM  
Blogger jettybetty said...

This is very funny!
Are you laughing now???

I had to learn this lesson the hard way, too. Some of the time, we will do things just to get a couple minutes without the extra appendage--know what I mean??

3:53 PM  
Blogger jake said...

Kudos to Rowan...I have to cheer on the little fella when I'm not the one who has to clean it up. I guess the story answers the question of whether the picture you sent was a planned art fest.

12:51 AM  

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