Sunday, June 26, 2005

right there with you, nicodemus

For the past few months, our minister Tim Woodroof has been sharing lessons on the gospel of John. Every week – no exaggeration here – every week I come away feeling moved and convicted.

This morning Tim began by likening our faith journeys to how some of us fall in love. Some fall in love at first sight. Some spend a little while dating and getting to know each other before professing devotion. Still others are in relationship, not really seeing the potential for love until someone makes a sharp remark about their significant other, and in coming to their defense, love is realized. And finally, there are those who aren’t aware how much they love someone until, for whatever reason, that person just isn’t around anymore. The apostle Nathanael was one who fell in love with Jesus “at first sight”. The Samaritan woman asked Jesus questions and “courted” him, if you will, before falling in love. When the blind man in John 9 was antagonized by the Pharisees, he came to Jesus’ defense, later exclaiming, “Yes, Lord, I believe!”

And then there was Nicodemus. This religious leader, a Pharisee among Pharisees who wanted Jesus dead, had a nagging suspicion that there was something to this man who claimed to be the Son of God. He asked questions of Jesus; he pursued understanding of Jesus’ hard words. But when the Sanhedrin assembled in an effort to put Jesus to death, Nicodemus remained silent. It wasn’t until after Jesus died that Nicodemus made known publicly his love for Jesus, bringing pounds of spices to bury him.

Tim said tradition holds that Nicodemus died a martyr’s death. Whatever the case, the story of Nicodemus’ journey of faith gives me hope. We all fall into Love differently. Doesn’t seem to matter to God exactly how it happens…just as long as it happens.

BTW, Tony, thanks a lot! I was on the brink of tears almost from the very beginning of worship this morning, all through Tim’s lesson, and then you pushed me right on over the edge with the comments you shared with the church family. So thanks. I could have done without the blubbering! ;) I’ll be praying for you, brother/blogging pal.


Blogger Tony Arnold said...

You are so kind. I need all the prayers I can get and I covet them.

Not sure how much I will get to blog this week. I out of town on business through Thursday. But I am preparing to keep my series going with a post sometime this week.

Have a peaceful week.


6:27 PM  
Blogger Malia said...

Jana! I'm so happy I found your blog! I'm currently in FL visiting my parents with the kids and I've actually had time to do some blog browsing, following links from other blogs I visit and from comments. I think I found yours from a comment you left on Judy Thomas' blog. Anyway, I read some of your past entries and I will definitely be a frequent reader.

I'll make a couple of comments in regards to previous posts, since I just got here. Tom & Katie...don't care, it's a well timed publicity stunt...Tom & prescription drugs...I guess we'll see whether or not he really rejects their use when the time comes when he really needs them. Tim's sermon series...awesome! Last week hit me right where I needed it and I'm going to have to get a hold of yesterday's since I'm not in N-ville this week.

That's all for now...see you at church and in blog land!

8:52 AM  

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